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GerritForge LLP and OpenSource

Committed to the OpenSource community.

GerritForge LLP is a Software Company committed to provide value, experience and innovation to the OpenSource community. By providing support and new ideas to the project and contributing back part of our code-base, GerritForge LLP is an active and vibrant member of the Gerrit Code Review development team.

OpenSource core with commercial extensions and plugins.

GerritForge core engine is Gerrit Code Review, which is an OpenSource project, whilst the packaging, the extra security and stability patches as well as the additional commercial plugins are part of the GerritForge Intellectual Property and are available with a Software License.

GerritForge licensing

GerritForge software license is a mechanism to provide a time-based subscription to the commercial extensions and support provided by GerritForge. When the license expires it is possible to continue to use Gerrit standalone by replacing the gerrit.war engine into any GerritForge distribution. License is based on:

  • Number of registered users.
    Registration happens the very first time a user is authenticated.
  • Number of monthly active users.
    Active user is one that has made at least one interaction with the system.
  • Number of sites:
    One site is a Gerrit engine running in one machine and listening to a IP:host.

GerritForge benefits over Gerrit Code Review

Enterprise-ready Gerrit distribution

GerritForge is the Enterprise distribution that fulfils all the mandatory requirements needed by corporations for rolling out a new major release into production.

GerritForge tailored for the Enterprise

  • Quality validation of most critical Gerrit features
  • Performance tuning for heavy loaded and parallel environments
  • Additional production and security patches on top of stable Gerrit branches
  • Commercial support and service level agreement
  • ICT Security requirements such as PBE and Auditing
  • Tracking and auditing of administrative and user operations

Archive packaging.

With archive packaging installation is straightforward: just extract the archive to a local filesystem and execute the setup script in the root directory. GerritForge is installed in the same place you have extracted it and does not use any other external file or system directory.

To uninstall GerritForge, simply remove the root directory where the archive package has been installed: no registry or system configuration has been touched !
Archive package makes product evaluation secure and hassle-free ! When you have then decided to go for production roll-out, choose one of the native packages of your choice.

Native set-up.

Native packages are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux RPM and Mac OSX DMG and requires root or administrator access right to the system: they are mostly recommended for production environments. GerritForge installation is stored into the system software inventory in order to be managed with the standard Operating System software provisioning tools. Gerrit is registered as system service and can be automaticaly started and stopped with the Operating System Service Manager.

Gerrit plugins.

GerritForge plugins can be installed on top of an existing Gerrit installation. Compatibility with the same Gerrit version number must be preserved: GerritForge version represents the version of the Gerrit OpenSource reference engine in order to simplify the selection of the plugins to be installed and used.

NOTE: A valid GerritForge license it is needed in order to use the plugins: license is validated when plugins are loaded.

DataBase Server choice.

Gerrit DB out-of-the-box choices.

Gerrit Code Review supports an embedded H2 plus MySQL and PostgreSQL as DBMS backends. Database is used to store the user's preferences, internal groups and information about opened changes and patch-sets.

GerritForge provides Enterprise level DBMS support.

Additionally to the out-of-the-box DB provided by Gerrit, you can now choose between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as DBMS backend. Both provide advanced High-Availability and Distributed support, key for mutli-site Gerrit installations.