GerritForge™ and ALM integration GerritForge ALM integration
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Jira issue-tracker association

GerritForge plugin allows to link Git commits and Gerrit Code-Review change-sets to Atlassian Jira issues.
Define the syntax to extract the Jira Issue-ID from the comment and GerritForge plugin automatically look for the issue and checks its consistency against the Git commit author.
Optionally enforce your Jira commit syntax on the Git commits, rejecting commits that do not respect your policies.

Feature 2

Enterprise enablement

Atlassian Jira is the most popular issue-tracking used in the Enterprise thanks to its flexibility, ease of use and compliance with company workflow and audit requirements.
GerritForge plug-in allows to trigger Jira workflow actions associated to the Gerrit Code Review cycle: this closes the loop between issue detection, fix and resolution and enforce your existing Enterprise flows without extra effort and seamlessly.